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  • @bphelp,

    yes I know about the “All stream”, “Add Photo ” not found. those are the remaining files i need to link. when am back to the UK from Holiday.

    Thanks for your time.
    Best Regards

    @bphelp, thanks boss for the feedback, I will look into the error.

    @henrywright, thanks for the feedback, yes I will definately make theme responsive. I have the necessary @media screen css ready to take care of that.

    As a free theme, i dont want to use bootstrap because of my past experience.

    After the release, update will include changing the look (color, layout etc ) from the backend by admin.

    All the functions are hardcoded with the theme without any heavy load. so it will reduce the use of some plugin.



    I brought the loading function back in one of the theme am building by using just css.

    1, I added ajax spinner

    2, I changed the button background while loading to make it look disabled.

    below is an example for the post button:

    #buddypress #whats-new-form a.loading,
    #buddypress #whats-new-form input.loading {
    padding-right: 25px ! important;
    background-color:#bbb ! important;
    background-image:url(“/wp-content/themes/your-theme/img/ajax-loader.gif” ) ! important;
    background-position: 93% 50% ! important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat ! important;

    using #buddypress a.loading{} will affect almost all the button.



    the following thread will solve your problem



    @bphelp, @aronprins,

    Am still very busy working on an e-commerce site so am very sorry, have been unable to put up a demo.

    but here is a very rough screen shot. its about 80% finish am not sure about the color scheme for now but will definately ask for feedback when i put it up.

    this is just a pure theme without any plugin, all features are built in.

    BP Timeline theme


    @aronprins, will send you email.


    Sorry for replying late, I did not get any mention notification. I will put up a demo later today and post the link here.

    Thanks boss for your interest.



    you beat me to this, I am currently building a free theme for community aswell.

    Its about 80% done and has a lot of functions


    Can you post a link to the site may be i may be of help.

    I dont know why you have double search button, there must be something wrong with the theme you are using or a custom script.

    I just change ‘#buddypress div.dir-search ‘

    from -39px 0 0 0; to -3px 0 0 0;

    and everything looks fine and I can see the form.


    @projectfms, you can make buddypress look whatever you want. the latest BP is compatible with any WP theme and you can customise it to look what you want or just create a custom WP theme to suit your needs.


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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe



    you now easily do this with custom post type

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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe



    Here is the plugin that does that.


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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe


    @djsteveo, @henrywright,

    I have just tested that plugin in one of my installation and it looks so promising.

    it has a lot of useful functions

    1, admin can set the total number of report before the activity go hiding automatically.

    2, admin can customize the email to receive

    3, admin can manage all the reported users and more.

    Unfortunately, some of the functions which fires the report has been deprecated so when you press report it goes to 404 not found.

    I could adopt this plugin and add it to the repo but am currently busy building a free buddypress theme which is about 60% finished.

    Someone out there may adopt it and add it to the repo because its very useful.


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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe




    have a look at the below tutorial, you should be able to get something out of it.

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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe



    you can hide it with css, put the below in style.css



    @benny390, @palmdoc, glad its all sorted


    @palmdoc, @benny390

    You can try @imath solution and edit it accordingly to include bbpress.

    /* beginning of the code to paste in the functions.php of your active theme */

    ‘function imath_activivity_dont_save( $activity_object ) {
    // friendship_created is fired when a member accepts a friend request
    // joined_group is fired when a member joins a group.
    $exclude = array( ‘friendship_created’, ‘joined_group’);

    // if the activity type is empty, it stops BuddyPress BP_Activity_Activity::save() function
    if( in_array( $activity_object->type, $exclude ) )
    $activity_object->type = false;


    ‘add_action(‘bp_activity_before_save’, ‘imath_activivity_dont_save’, 10, 1 );’

    @aberry100, @alanbeck,

    if you have a basic php and css knowledge then you can give it a go. the easiest way is by creating custom post type call Video with tags and categories capability.

    then code upload form and link it to your post type.

    wordpress built in oembed is another benefit for your user to be able to embed videos from oembed supported sites.



    You can copy over the file to your theme and edit accordingly

    or use gettext function


    ‘function change_word_test( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) {
    switch ( $translated_text ) {
    case ‘Put all the words here’ :
    $translated_text = __( ‘Put your version of the words here’ );

    return $translated_text;
    ‘add_filter( ‘gettext’, ‘change_word_test’ );’

    or simply follow @bphelp, instruction


    if you are using buddypress theme or child theme, you can easily hook the error message to the sidebar using:

    ‘add_action ( ‘bp_before_sidebar_login_form’, ‘my_xyz’);’

    sometimes, developer might be so so busy on a new project and even have no time to check email.

    anyways, he run this site: so you can try your luck if you can get hold of him.




    it seems the error is from activity privacy plugin. if you have access, login to your cpanel and rename : buddypress-activity-privacy To buddypress-activity-priv

    that will deactive the plugin and you can take it further from there.


    @marcella1981, It is nice to see people devoting their precious time to create something free. I have just been to your site and can see the theme looks good and you ve invested a lot of time in this project. you can count me in and let me know which area i can be of help.


    @kakilo, I posted 3 different version of that code in the forum and it is still working. It is for member-header and not members-loop but there is nothing stopping you from making it work with
    members-loop just pay attention to the code.

    I still have that coding working in my member .



    you need to create a child theme and copy over the files that you want to edit.


Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 262 total)