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2012 Project 12 a global art and photography project inspiring world peace and encouraging environm

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    2012 Project 12


    Hi folks, I would be very grateful if you could please check out our new site It is of course powered by Buddypress. It is still in the BETA testing stage but we hope to have it up and running fully by the 12th of Dec. 2011. 2012 Project 12 is a registered non-profit organisation based in Iceland whose aims are:

    1) Make an artistic record of the much anticipated year of 2012
    2) Inspire world peace
    3) Encourage environmental awareness
    4) Give people of all backgrounds a platform to show their artistic side to the world

    For the next few days while the site is still in the BETA testing stage, you can sign up for free. When you get to the paying part, just reload onto and type in your user name and password and you will have access to your account. Normally it will cost 12 euro to sign up, not a lot but if you sign up now you will save that :)

    I have one technical question. We have an album page but we also want members to be able to upload links to video’s they have made and also be able to upload text documents. Do you know how we can do this?

    LoVe Pauline

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