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Add Twitter Button to your custom theme ( Not showing on member profile and/or group header )

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    CJ Kruger


    If no ‘follow button’ is displayed on your members profile pages and/or your groups header – Then most likely you are using a custom theme that is missing hooks that are present in the bp-default theme.

    To make sure it is a theme issue, simply activate the bp-default theme and and test the plugins functionality ( check that the follow button is displayed on a member profile page and/or a group’s home page. ). If the follow button is present in the bp-default theme – you need one/two bits of code that will call the follow button.

    If not working for groups
    In groups-header.php add the following after something that looks like this

    ` <?php if (function_exists('show_field_before_headercj')) {
    } ?>`
    In order for this to work, you must have the option “Groups Button Position – Before the group description” enabed in the BP Twitter admin options.

    If not working for members
    In members-header.php add the following after something that looks like this

    `<?php if (function_exists('show_twittercj_in_header')) {
    } ?>`

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