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Admin Customization Based on Roles

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    I am creating a website using Buddypress, and I am not finding an easy way to consistently control what the users see in their admin panel. I have a few plugins that do some of this, but the problem is that a theme will decide he wants to have some admin options in the admin bar header, and my plugin doesn’t know about it, and so doesn’t carry a checkbox to remove it. The end result is a guest user having access to my entire media collection, or wondering what this Bootstrap UL link is for in his his admin header. I can disable functionality for some items, but the links are still there.
    The problem seems to be that there is no BuddyPress specific way to deal with the Admin bar for users. It needs to happen at the Buddyporess level, as 3rd party plugins don’t seem to get the job done (unless there is someone out there with a plugin I have not seeen yet – Currently using and AG Custom Admin – these are catching MOST of the issues – but I already had to scrap a theme I liked because these plugins would not catch things the theme installed in the Admin bar.

    Is there any plans to adjust Admin bar settings based on Roles? It seems unwise to assume EVERY user on a BuddyPress site should have FULL access to all features.
    Maybe you-all know of a trick I don’t know about?

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    Not sure if this kind of thing is applicable but might be of interest. I look forward to following this post.

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    On a single install, users have never access to the dashboard. This only happens if they have a blog on a multi site. And the admin they see is the admin of their blog, not the main blog where BP is installed.

    But first, read here please, provide the information and your theme name. be warned that if you use a premium, that you can’t expect much help on this forum, as we have no access to such themes.

    FYI: the admin toolbar or any of the BP menus are working like any other menus and toolbar labels on wordpress. Is explained on the WP codex.
    For more advanced details, see here.

    For specific BP customization, read the BP Codex.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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