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Avatar cropping (with Jcrop) not working

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    My installation of BuddyPress is able to upload images using the avatar system, but is impaired by a cropping bug. Chrome’s devtools show that most of the elements are dynamically sized to be 0px by 0px. (If you resize them manually, they revert back to 0×0 as soon as you click anything)

    You can see the preview window with the tiny crop-handles to the left of it in this screenclipping:
    Crop Bug

    I’m using Buddypress 1.8.1 on WordPress 3.6.1 with a custom-made child-theme of twentythirteen.

    Switching to the twentythirteen theme fixes the bug, so it seems to be a conflict with the child-theme files, and to further narrow down the cause of the problem I’ve tried temporarily deleting each file in the child-theme folder, to find the only time the bug fixes is when I delete the stylesheet.

    However there are no rules concerning the jcrop elements in the stylesheet, so does this suggest that the issue lies with how BuddyPress uses ‘stylesheet_directory’ vs ‘theme_directory’ in it’s coding?

    Here’s a link to the test site, and thanks so much for any help.


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