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Battling an ugly Buddypress theme foisted upon users

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    Gentlemen, , apparently a BuddyPress “customer”
    of yours :-) has chosen a horrible black theme bad for us older users.

    Please help me improve my script
    that I call BDSM.COM.TW_Daytime:

    /* */
    @namespace url(;
    @-moz-document regexp("https?://!phorum).*"){
    /*@-moz-document domain("") {*/
    * {
    color: #666 !important;
    background-color: white !important;}
    a {color: orange !important;}
    /*HOVER LINK*/
    a:hover {color: #FFCC66 !important;}
    a:visited {color: #FF9966!important;}}

    Yes BuddyPress might not be to blame, but please help me anyway. Thanks.

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    Paul Gibbs


    Site could be considered NSFW.

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    I forgot the site is an 18+ site.

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    Site could be considered NSFW.

    …depends where you work…  ;)

    Compared to some help requests I’ve answered, this site’s rather tame.


    CSS design is a very complicated subject. The base BP theme’s CSS file is almost 2,500 lines long and has a vast and intricate style tree. Answering a RFC (request for comments) on a given set of changes to it  is many hours of work, and is beyond what can be handled on these forums.

    If you have a specific problem, eg: “When I set style X to Y, the level 2 menus explode” or “How can I invert the color scheme”, the users here will be happy to help you.

    Also, be aware there are sweeping changes in the works for BuddyPress’ template system. The core development team is currently re-designing the entire template system to use page-fragment injection. In theory, this will allow BuddyPress to use almost any WordPress template set – not just ones designed specifically for BuddyPress.

    I’d estimate they’re about 6 months away from release on this.




Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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