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Blog posts and replies in Activity feed – disconnected from posts?

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    Can someone help me understand this… ?

    If I understand correctly, when a user publishes a blog Post, an Activity item is created which links to that post.

    The corresponding Activity item can be deleted but the actual blog post remains in place.

    Similarly, another user can Reply to the corresponding Activity item, but this reply does not appear on the blog post itself.

    This fractures the conversation and is confusing. The problem is that the Activity item is regarded as an *expression* of the actual content asset, the Post, and not as a representation of it. There is duplication.

    Am I right?

    If so, you really should see to it that the Activity feed accurately represents directly what has been posted as a Post et al.

    Any thoughts, please?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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