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BP button missing from left nav of WP admin page

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    WP 3.5.2
    BP 1.7.2
    bbPress 2.3.2
    BP Docs 1.4.4
    BP Toolbar 1.6.0
    Theme Lightspeed

    BP not working, no BP button in left vertical nav of WP dashboard, tools accessible from toolbar, but cannot create a group, when adding shortcode to BP pages they show up as text only, the dropdown menu for my account does not offer the option to create a group (I am keymaster access), can’t get a forum directory to display using shortcode, among other issues.

    Any thoughts on getting BP to work? It sounds perfect for what we need to do but I’ve tried for hours to fix it, but my beginner experience level is not enough to pin down the problem. I’ve had the WP site working very well for months though. Many thanks!

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    BP not working, no BP button in left vertical nav of WP dashboard

    @fel3000 Since BP version 1.6, you can configure BuddyPress from admin dashboard Settings > BuddyPress. Before activating other BP plugins make sure BuddyPress.

    Re creating a group, the Group Create button which is usually beside the Groups Directory page title, goes missing in some themes when the_title is not within the WordPress loop. Also, make sure that you did not disable group creation in Settings > BuddyPress > Settings > Groups

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