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BP group admin>forum(bbPress2.2) check box not working?

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    WP3.4.2, Buddypress 1.6.1, bbPress2.2

    I’ve set up the new bbPress 2.2 forums for BuddyPress groups as per . But I may have encountered a bug. Has anyone else had the following problems?

    The BuddyPress group admin>forum page check box (followed by save) seems to have no effect on turning the bbPress forum on or off for that group. If the forum was on, it stays on – even if the check box is off. If the forum was off it stays off, even if the check box is on.

    Also, the bbPress “forum” tab shows on the group page subnav, even if there is no forum for that group.

    By the way, the check box does toggle the “enable_forum” field in the wp_bp_groups database table. But neither BP nor bbPress seems to respond to the change.

    Any help on understanding/fixing this would be much appreciated please.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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