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BP Media Broken Activity Stream Thumbnail w/ Buddypress Like

  • With BP Media installed with Buddypress 3.0.2 and Buddypress Like 0.0.8 .
    Whenever someone “likes” an image, it shows:

    Sid likes SEEKER‘s activity 24 minutes ago · View · Delete
    <img src="http…

    If you click on the <img src="http… it does take you to the image, but that should either be a thumbnail, or just the name of the image, but not the img src tag!

    Otherwise, I like the new features in, thanks a lot for the plugin and all the work on it, I can’t say that enough!

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  • It seems like a simple error, if someone has a simple solution, I’ll implement it! If not, I’ll add it to the bugs queue.

    Ok, I noticed that the code only appears when I enable the feature in Buddypress like to “Show a short excerpt of the activity that has been liked”. I’ve disabled that now and it works fine. Since I understand Buddypress 0.1.9 handles things differently, I’ll wait until that becomes stable and see if this problem still exists!

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    The problem is *probably* being caused by the “BuddyPress Like” plugin, but this wouldn’t be the first defect I’ve seen in *our* code either :)

    If it is causing significant problems for your site, contact the other plugin’s author and have them investigate the problem. It the other plugin’s author feels that the root cause is in BP-Album+, have them post to our forum, and we’ll get in touch with them to get this problem resolved.



    No problem, foxly! Well, I found out that it has to do with some settings that I had for “Buddypress Like”, specifically I enabled the “Show a short excerpt of the activity that has been liked” which is what triggered the code to be shown. I ended up disabling it. If I want to enable it in the future, I’ll contact them and see if I can get how that plugin handles img src code. Thanks again, foxly!

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