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BP tabs data are different when user logs out !

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    Suzan Jasmin O.


    I use the latest versions of WP and BP.
    1- On profile page there are About me and Looking for tabs. And I see the same data in both tabs. Looking for has the same info as About me. Basically the name, age, height, weight etc all base info appears in looking for tab too.
    1st tab and 2nd tab both shows the same rows same data in normal regular view. basically 1st tab supposed to display only its group field values but it shows its and 2nd tab’s values too in total. And 2nd tab does the same it shows both tab values: => NOT OK

    But when user logs in in edit mode they work ok, but in normal user view tabs messed up again: => OK

    2- Also when user logs in on the same tabs data shows age as correct (born year 1990 it shows as 24) but when user logs out (also non-members) can view the same page same age data differently as 44 (the default age data of buddypress) instead of 24. Why do you think? I think its the same reason as my above tabs data problem. Any ideas?

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