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BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility Plugin Causing Redirect Issues

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    Sarah Minx


    Hello All,

    I had a previous topic posted at the link below, there were quite a few issues with BP links redirecting to the homepage instead of to the users profile on BP.

    This issue has been resolved, thanks to some help form the WordPress team. This issue is verified and the item causing the problem was the BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility Plugin. I have done testing on this plugin, removed all plugins, activated BuddyPress and BuddyPress Activity Stream Bar as the only active plugins on my website… the links redirected fine. I activated BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility Plugin and BOOM, the links died and everything started to redirect back to the homepage instead of user BP profiles. I then disabled the BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility Plugin and everything is back to normal again.

    BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility

    Code that is needed to maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions of BuddyPress. Contains code for wire component, status updates, and functions that have been renamed or replaced.

    Version 0.6 | By The BuddyPress Community

    Thank you for your time and efforts in my previous thread…

    - Sarah

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