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Buddypress Facebook Connect and Avatar Plugin

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    very nice avatars , I am using facebook autoconnect premium , I am satisfied with that (except facebook fields support – location , age , language ) , I am also member of where I can use its facebook connect too, but avatars from there changes the size in sidebar and in profile and till now I didn’t have a time to play with css files to change it and to put it in live environment , I like Brajesh plugin more because of facebook fields = buddypress profiles fields sync , feature which autoconnect doesn’t have , do you support that too ? I am using facebook autoconnect a lot , so if you want I can try to test it out for you too . Using custom avatars like I have seen your examples would be great because many people doesn’t want to show their original facebook photos .

    Thanks 4ella! Just sent you an email. We don’t sync profile fields yet, but we have some other features that make us more interesting than the other Facebook connect plugins out there.

    Very nice! If you need a beta tester..count me in :)

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    I don’t know if I have a permission to provide a little review about this plugin , but 1 thing I can say now this plugin is very very cool and I think that will be a very popular one , if you want to beta test it @gdeglin is a nice person trying to discuss your opinion , new features and all your advices.

    @n0ise Sure. Could you send me an email and I’ll follow up with you?

    @4ella Thanks! :)

    oops sorry forgot to write down my email…im going to test it now and following my feedbacks and/or suggestions.. (Y)

    edit: quickly tested it out, it’s a great addon. My first suggestions are:
    1- i hate popups, an embedded version maybe in a wordpress page would be great :)
    2- in the profile, the picture is a little bit to the bottom, in my opinion it could go a little up.
    3- it woud be great if from facebook could grab email and locations too.

    Funny one, will be great if it could localize languages, spanish mainly.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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