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Buddypress in chatting like facebook and video call like facebook

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    i do not know much of buddypress but i think buddypress is like facebook or not?
    can a buddypress allow user to chat like facebook?
    Can buddypress be combined with Jitsi for video call chatting?
    i also would like to ask if it can be combined with any other open source software?

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    Prince Nerd


    @galawa Greetings, I haven’t had time to look over these, but figured it may be worth sharing. I was searching earlier today and came across one that was said to be the best chat plugin; however 100 tabs of browsing later and I can find it :-(

    I have tried a few plugins that this site recommends and they have been helpful:

    Just a second option; haven’t tried any:

    I’m still working out some basic BuddyPress issues so please let me know which one works the best for you. Hope this helps and thanks

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    If you plan on paying for a chat then check out

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    i was thinking if there is a plugin for chatting like that of facebook,skype or yahoo messenger where it shows some one if he is writing or not.
    i was thinking if there is a plugin for an audio and video call. is there?
    also a plugin for a group there?
    Do buddypress have such a plugin?
    what about the plugin for connection, like people you may know just like Facebook?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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