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Can someone who knows about servers help me! Need to setup new site on old server perhaps and change

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    Hi guys,

    I’m familiar with WP and BP but know hardly anything about servers.

    Here’s my dilemma.
    I want to help a friend out by setting her up a new WP and potentially BP site.

    She currently has a really old site which I have FTP details for but I don’t know who hosts it and it doesn’t appear to have C Panel access.
    The domain is a domain

    I could install WP and BP manually through FTP but I know nothing about managing email accounts.
    The email account is currently a domain as is the site.

    If I was to buy new hosting and go with the same site name but a .com name and forwarded the name to the .com address how would I manage the mail?

    Is it done at a domain level or handled by the server where her site is hosted?

    Obviously she needs to keep her email address for existing clients. Could I somehow forward it to the address?

    really sorry to sound so simple. I usually use C Panel to manage email and software installs.

    If someone could guide me through how to manage all this that would be great.

    Thanks so much for your time.


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