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Cannot update profile without throwing error “There was a problem updating some of your profile info

  • So I had a few custom profile fields (set in buddypress), and whenever I tried to test out updating the info in those fields, I’d get the error in big red at the top:
    “There was a problem updating some of your profile information, please try again.”

    - removing ‘required’ on all fields (except First Name)
    - removing ALL fields except First Name

    Same result. No matter what, it triggers the $errors flag in “bp-xprofile-screens.php” here (around line 101):

    if ( !xprofile_set_field_data( $field_id, $bp->displayed_user->id, $value, $is_required[$field_id] ) )

    The weird thing is, that even though the error flag is being triggered, the information I enter on the profile screen is still saved.

    Any ideas?

    I’m using BP 1.5.1 and Buddypress Template Pack 1.2

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