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certain hashtags in activity stream –> copied/moved to a group

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    As part of the BuddyStream functionality, people are able to post from outside to inside a buddypress site using Twitter/Facebook… I had an interesting question from one of our site members asking if it was possible to send a hashtag (or keyword) from facebook and/or twitter and have it go directly to a specific group inside of the buddypress site…. this is a phenomenal idea and while I don’t think we can easily code that as part of the BuddyStream plugin, it might be simply coded as part something like this plugin (realizing that I am a neophyte at coding and great at coming up with ideas that seem simple and turn out to be complex… ).

    Do you have interest in OR do you see value in someone developing something like this — Here is a concrete example of the way it would go:

    Given: BuddyPress Site has an ADVOCACY Group –>

    User Posts to Twitter then, through BuddyStream ,it shows up on the activity line WITH the hashtag #ADVOCACY as part of the original TWEET –>

    3rd party PLUGIN sees #ADVOCACY and copies the Update directly to that group (and possibly removes it from the Activity Stream)… –>

    Crazy idea?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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