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custom profile fields and/or some type of module

  • I have a question I cannot find an answer to elsewhere If it’s been posted, please accept my apologizes and point me in the right direction. Thanks.

    I am looking to either add custom profile fields to a profile OR have a module or add-on with functionality like the following.

    User selects “Add contact…”

    Then the user can select from an array of choices such as “MSN” , “Yahoo”, “Skype”, and then enter thier contact name next to the selected type. If someone wanted to list more then one of a single type that’s okay…. but they need to select a type and then provide the contact info as a parameter.

    someone else referred to this as chained fields but i dont know if thats how you would describe it in this project.

    It is most similar to the “Schools” and/or “Jobs” function on a MySpace profile, for example. There a user can select their school and then add user specific information (graduated year, clubs, etc.).

    I am looking for a way to include this functionality either on the base profile or with an add on.

    How would you implement this in buddyPress?

    Thank you very much.

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