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Date Selector profile field is saving dates as one behind what they selected

  • hello on the buddypress profile field i have a date selector …when somone puts in there birthday it sets their birthday back by one day on their profile field

    can someone please tell me how to fix?

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  • I’m also having this problem – any idea/fix for this?

    same here, all i did for now is just make the birthday field a text box so its input manually. user just have to write 3/3/2001 in the text box.

    i hope will be solved soon

    I ended up setting the time for all blogs to UTC, and disabling the time from the blog post metadata – time(‘F, j Y) instead of just time()

    It’s a kludgy fix but I guess it looks okay. I wish I’d just used the text box :)

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    hey guys and @xyclops i did the UTC fix also but now i get these errors all the time is it ok or should i just forget about birthdays? meaning what’s more serious this warning?

    ] PHP Warning: timezone_open() [function.timezone-op$

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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