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Disable BP registration so default is back to WP registration and log in.

  • Hi,
    Could someone please help me before I go totally insane! I need to disable the BP registration and login forms and use the standard WP ones. The reason I need to do is that I need to use the plugin “affiliate plus” which will not work with the BP forms. I have tried most of the 3rd party login plugins but it always defaults back to the BP one. I have tried putting “remove_action( ‘wp’, ‘bp_core_screen_signup’, 3 );” into the functions.php but it makes no difference.
    Put me out of my misery before the little white men in there little white coats arrive.
    Robert the wifiguy.

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  • I finally found an answer which I shall tell you about in case anybody else is trying to do the same.
    I changed the theme to “Suffusion”
    installed the suffusion buddypress pack. When you go to activate BP use the option “don’t change my theme”
    and Viola we have buddypress working with the WP register and login.

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