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Discrepency between members on group members page and what’s in the db table, wp_bp_groups_members,

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    If I view the members of a particular group: (group_id=1) there are 4 members shown, which I believe to be the correct number of members.

    If I query wp_bp_groups_members for user_id for group_id=1:

    SELECT gm.user_id
    FROM wp_bp_groups_members gm
    WHERE gm.group_id=1

    it returns 9 records. The group, which is private, belongs to me and I only invited 4 members.

    If I query for more information:

    SELECT g.ID, g.slug, gm.inviter_id, CONCAT( u.user_email, ‘ (‘, u.ID, ‘)’ )
    FROM wp_bp_groups_members gm
    LEFT JOIN wp_bp_groups g ON g.ID = gm.group_id
    LEFT JOIN wp_users u ON u.ID = gm.user_id
    WHERE g.ID =1
    ORDER BY gm.inviter_id

    I see that 5/9 users were not invited by me. The inviter_id for those 5 belongs to another site admin. But like I said, they don’t show up in the group members list.

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    Paul Gibbs


    Have those extra users accepted their invitation? “is_confirmed” column in wp_bp_groups_members

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