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Displaying Custom Post Types with Custom Taxonomies & Fields?

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    I feel very much like a kid who’s been misplaced at the zoo. Everything looks kinda familiar but I don’t recognize anyone and I’m starting to panic and stress out with all the strange aloneness. :P

    (And, yes, I’ve studied and studied the BP Custom Post Types plugin which has no UI and was written for “developers” and not given “for dummies” instructions. ;) )

    I have created a custom post type — Bookmarks — with custom taxonomies — url, story_author, genre, tropes, characters, etc. — and fields — fav_flag, rec_flag, and to_read_flag. I’m utilizing the_excerpt as the summary/desc field and the_content as the rec/review field. I want to make the post format always be link.

    What I can’t seem to figure out is

    1. How to display the posts anywhere. They do not show up under activity. They do not show up on the home page.

    2. Once I do get them to show up, how can I get them to format correctly? With the post title hyperlinked with the url and the poster’s summary (the_excerpt), maybe some of the taxonomies, if any of the flags are true, and the permalink to the rest?

    3. How do I list the posts based on the custom fields, which are basically flags — ie. list a person’s to read list or list of rec’d bookmarks, etc.?

    When I started working on this a little over a month ago, this seemed like it should be such an easy thing to do, but now it makes me want to cry. Please, please help me.


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