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Double menues??????? And adding a forum is going to a blank page

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    Separate issues. For the double page links, check your custom menu in Appearance > Menus. As for the forum, which one did you create, the group forums or the sitewide forums? If group forums, did you associate it with a Page in dashboard menu BuddyPress > Pages?

    I did the Sitewide forums.

    I deleted the menus from Appearanses and that did not do anything ..Still doble menu
    So I must have done something wrong here…

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    Lee Klimes


    After I installed BP when I went to Appearance>Menus the menu there wasn’t the same as the one on my front page. I deleted the menu in Appearance > Menus thinking maybe I could import the menu that was on my front page. No luck. How can I manage my menu now????

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    == there wasn’t the same as the one on my front page.==
    The wp_nav_menu (custom menu) defaults to wp_page_menu If you have no custom menu associated with the Primary menu

    Create your custom menu for BP the same way you create for WP menu.

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    Please folks, we say this time and time again, but you must start your own thread on an issue even if it’s similar to another, hijacking threads is considered a bad practise.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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