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Duplicate Site and Settings in wp multisite and bp multiblog install

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    Hi, I have a quick question I hoping someone can help me with to save me hours of work.

    I have setup a wp multisite and bp multiblog install and installed around 20 plugins to get the install I want. I now have the job of creating multiple sites, around 40, I created one site and setup all the plugins as I need them, it took a couple of hours, do I need to setup each of the 40 new sites and configure them all individually? or is there a away to copy a site or the settings?

    Thanks in advance

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    Never Settle


    Wanted to mention here for the benefit of future searchers (or Michael if you’re still looking for a solution!) that we had the same need and built a plugin which does exactly what is described above.

    The plugin is called the NS Cloner and is available for free in the plugins repository. It adds a network admin page where you can select a source site and then create a perfect duplicate complete with all content, plugin settings, etc.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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