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Email notifications for new bbPress topic/reply in a Buddypress group I’m a member of

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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if there’s a way to receive an email notification for new forum topics/replies in groups that you’re a member of, if you use bbPress sitewide forums instead of Buddypress group forums?

    Is the integration between Buddypress and bbPress deep enough now that it allows this functionality?

    I’m using Buddypress 1.6.1, bbPress 2.1.2, WordPress 3.4.2. I have group forums, but instead of using bbPress included in Buddypress to do it, I’m using the standalone bbPress 2.1.2 plugin. The reason for the separate standalone bbPress instead of the bbPress included in Buddypress is that I need moderation for the forum topics/replies (bbPressModeration plugin) and also backend administration instead of frontend administration.

    Thank you very much

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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