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Emails not being sent at all, what could be wrong?

  • Hi

    I installed the plugin (version 2.8.2) and I have 2 users. I set both users to have email status set to All Email and I set all the groups to “Notify group members of changes via email” to true.

    I got the emails when I changed the settings of the group to always send email to everyone, but I still don’t get emails when someone replies to a topic I made or a topic in a group I belong to, what am I missing?

    Note: I just noticed that when I set the “Notify group members of changes via email” to Yes and I press the Save Changes button, it says “Group details were successfully updated” but the setting is back at No. I guess this is the problem, any clue as to what’s causing it?

    Note 2: When I use the form to send an email notice to all members of the group, it works fine (all users there get the email).

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