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Few Patches Uploaded to MU, and BB. You use them, I know you do.

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    Jason Giedymin


    Some of you may have seen I’ve been trying to get security working smoothly across the stack.

    (I hate security programming btw but it has to get done.)

    These patches should help ease some MU <-> BBpress frustrations.

    I know for a lot of you this has been a problem and this is important as all of you guys are most likely running MU and BBpress for BP forum functionality.

    ::Your the best::

    BuddyPress has by far the best team of Devs, Mods, and Contributors of any of the apps in the Automattic stack. Maybe because it’s the nature of the app? I can hardly get a hold of any of the leads from Mu or BB.

    ::The horses mouth::

    One Spanking good piece of info not in the trac notes: The patches also allows silo’d proper ssl flagged loggins per MU site with bbpress. It plays nice with multi-site.


    You need to make this change to the bbpress integration plugin:

    function bbpress_integration_set_bb_cookies( $uri, $expire = false, $expiration = '', $user_id = '' )
    if ( !$uri_parsed = @parse_url( $uri ) ) {
    return false;

    $secure = false; //Default no auth
    if ( force_ssl_login() || force_ssl_admin() )
    $secure = true; //Will create secure flagged cookies

    ::The Patches::

    ::If it don’t work::

    Don’t blame me! :-)

    ::If It does::

    Be Happy!

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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