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FYI: Changed name of groups

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    Love the plugin. Just a note to those out there developing custom buddypress themes. On our site, we changed the name of groups to communities. In the URL, we have instead of groups. The group tree in this plugin will not work unless you change line 544 in extension.php.

    if ( $bp->current_component != ‘communities’ )

    Just thought I would share this for anyone who experiences the same issue.

    David, any way of setting this dynamically so it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘groups’ as the current component. I couldn’t think of a way to this this otherwise, but it may be something to think about for future updates. Probably a rare issue.

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    David Dean


    D’oh! That was a quick fix that I forgot to go back over and correct. Users of BP 1.2 can use the `BP_GROUPS_SLUG` constant.

    I’ll incorporate a fix into the next release.

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