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How can I better filter spam users on my BuddyPress site?

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    I have searched high and low for a plugin that will force new registrants to verify their email address or something before they can be a member, but can’t find anything. My BuddyPress site is constantly being flooded with spam users. I like the feature where I can mark users as spam and then delete them, but when you have hundreds of pages of spam users, it’s very time consuming and frustrating. Has anyone found a solution?

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  • @elizawhat; Your post made me think, and I checked our (not yet) live site, which does require email confirmation. Mostly I’m thrashing around at home with a local xammp installation, and can’t remember what I did to make the live one require email conf. The plugin linked to below should do it, although it’s not activated in our site..! Something in WP or BP lets you require email confirmation, but I can’t remember what.

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    YOU are the coolest person on the planet right now! Thank you so much!

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    Ugh I’m having this same problem. Everyday I get at least one or two ‘fake profiles’ where they answer questions with ‘johoabjdvbajsldhfs’. I have the CAPTCHA plugin installed and it’s done nothing so far. Each ‘user’ also creates a blog, one was about world of warcraft and the others have been about cars. It’s HIGHLY annoying to have to sift through and mark each of these users as spammers.

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    There is a new plugin called BP Plugin called humanity, check it. I also require the TOS to be checked (also a plugin). We’ve had little to no Spammers so far… knock on wood.

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    Adam Nowak


    Try out my plugin, to help combat spam blogs:

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    It’s great you have written a plugin to help combat this vile practise of spamming, and the community thanks you for that.

    However dragging up four old posts and posting to each the same reference to your plugin would generally be considred to be… Can you fill the blanks in? ;)

    You have the group created, shout about the plugin there. Resurrecting old posts is somewhat annoying for the listings.

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    Peter Kirn


    Yeah, I’m giving Humanity a try — seems to be quite effective.

    There’s a big thread here:

    Also trying to get this group active again:

    Nice name. ;) Needs some spam-related icon, though.

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