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How can I change logo size?

  • I tried making a bigger logo, but Buddypress resized it to 214×29. Anyone know how I can get around this. I’m looking for the code, but can’t find it…

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    its in the css, located in buddypress-home/css/base.css,

    look for the logo class, its definately really easy to do, i have done it on my own site

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    Hi Steve:

    This is how I did it:

    As hyrxx above mentioned, go to: buddypress-home -> css -> base.css

    Look for Header section in base.css. The fist part looks like this:

    /*** HEADER **********/

    #header {

    padding: 25px 20px;


    #header h1 {

    width: 214px;

    height: 29px;

    overflow: hidden;

    text-indent: -999px;

    background: url(../images/logo.png) top left no-repeat;

    float: left;

    Just change the width and height to what your logo size is. You need to do the same on base.css in your member themes as well. I had to go into file management on my server to edit this, due to MU not having a theme editor option.

    Thanks all!

    Got it working.

    Thanks again…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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