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How to allow both Sign Up and CreateBlog without creating Blog at registering page?

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    I want visitor can see the Sign Up on Admin bar, also want to allow logged in member to create blog. To do this, I have to choose “Both sites and user accounts can be registered”. This courses a problem– some users are not interested in blogging, but since it is an available choice on registering page, so, nearly every new user created an empty blog. I’d prefer users creating blog only after they staying in the community for a while and understanding what’s the main stream of my website.
    If I choose “Logged in users may register new sites”, the Sign Up disappears from Admin bar.
    How can I allow both Sign Up and Creating Blog without allowing creating Blog at registering page?

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  • I don’t know much but I think one nice option would be to comment out or remove the Blog creation details section from the register.php file of your theme.

    register.php file residence : yourtheme/registration/register.php

    blog creation details section on register.php would be approx : from line no. 169 to line no. 201

    or simply comment out line no. 173
    or the line with

    <?php _e( 'Blog Details', 'buddypress' ) ……

    and line no. 175
    or the line with

    <input type="checkbox" name="signup_with_blog" i …………………….

    This may solve your issue with keeping the blog registration open but stopping new people from registering it from the register page of your site.

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    Thanks! It works.
    I deleted those lines totally coz seems I use the “//” wrongly, made the “//” showing up but field details still on the page, so, I simply deleted all the lines :-)

    It nice to hear that your issue is solved :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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