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How to build a theme – allow users to upload their own Avatar – and more q's

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    Hi I’m just messing around with Buddy Press and I want to know if Buddy Press is capable of the following things:

    – How can I allow users to upload their own Avatar and not simply rely on Gravatars?

    - How do I make my current theme a “Buddy Press” Theme with little hassle?

    - The seperated Groups and Forums is all a little confusing to me, is there a video or something explaining how the forums themselves work? Is there anyway to make it all more like a traditional Forum?

    Thanks for any tips

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    1) Avatars – users can upload their own avatar. Please check out for a demo of BP.

    2) Use the BP Template Pack plugin –

    Be sure to go through all the steps in the plugin.

    3) Go to and try the group forums yourself. If you want a traditional forum script, use bbPress, vBulletin, phpBB, etc. BP is not a forum script – it’s social networking in a box!

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