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How to convert groups to tags, i.e. re-assigning a thread’s group as a tag

  • We are attempting to move a forum of 20k threads from the BuddyPress 1.5 legacy forum to bbPress 2.0. We would like to boil down our 55 “forum groups” down to ~4 parent forums. We encountered some issues with the in-built converter, which we will report in greater detail on Thing is, we figure we might be better off with a workaround, hence this question.

    So, probably through SQL queries, we’d like to convert our groups to tags.
    Example: Any post inside “/groups/beta-1-game-contest/forum/” would receive the tag ‘beta-1-game-contest’.

    The plan from there is to bulk-move all threads in most groups into just 4 different groups, and from there run the 2.0 conversion.

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    John James Jacoby


    At the risk of sounding too obvious, you’d want to loop through each group, get its slug, and add it probably as a term in a custom topic taxonomy. Then loop through each groups topics, and add that term to each one.

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