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How to Create a Flyout Menu Like the one in my WordPress Dashboard

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    I am using the latest version of wordpress and the latest version of buddypress. I love the left navigation menu in my wordpress backend. The way it neatly arranged and the way the flyout menu moves out keeps me hovering over it each time I go the back end. Now I want to embed this same feature in the front end of my site. If anyone knows the css and the html or anything that I can use to achieve this, I will surely appreciate. I really need this, someone please help me out!

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    It’s all there for you to study, nothing for us to help with really and not really BP related :)

    But frankly unless your frontend skills are strong you might struggle to copy the styles used and relationship to backend markup transposed to the markup used for front end WP menus.

    You’ll need a tool such as Firebug to let you examine the rulesets related to the dashboard menu items.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. I guess I have to try out things my self. Thanks alot I really do appreciate.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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