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How to disable annoying compulsory buddypress email activation and log users automatically in?

  • Hi,
    this is on old VERY buggy subject and after years of people pointing out to it no real solution so far unfortunatelly!
    I want to deactivate that obligatory email activation part, and NONE of those plugin attempts from a year ago work with the latest BP/WP versions anymore!

    Why can’t buddypress simply provide an option to deactivate that thing?

    Why forcing people use something they either need or want?

    I for ex. have S2 activated, the LAST thing I need is this extra “new user killer” buddypress email activation.

    Anyone knows of a WORKING hack to use with the latest WP / buddypress versions?

    Thank you v.much!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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