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how to edit the numeric format in posts, notifications etc.

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    hello all, im trying to 1st, change the notifcations digits to double instead of single.

    Like `06` instead of `6`

    and is there a way to change the total amount of posts to something like this after a memeber hits a certain total?

    Like `1.2k` instead of `1,200 posts`

    and lastly, how to change the active since time format, it’s kinda long. I want to round it to a shorter display, like instead of listing hours,min,sec…just a good round up. Something similar to what facebook does. for example: about 5 hrs ago, instead of 5hrs, 4min ago

    This might be easy, but im not certain how to implement it. I looked up how php manipulates numbers, but im trying to figure out how i can get it in BP

    Thanks :)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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