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How to filter Activity Stream to hide ’pending’ / unpublished group forums and topics

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    Good morning all

    I currently have group forums working with the latest Buddypress 1.6 and BBPress 2.1, and the bbPressModeration plugin ( to moderate any newly created forums and forum topics. This plugin set new forums and forum topics as ‘pending’, until the administrator goes into the dashboard and marks them as ‘published’.

    The problem is that unmoderated ‘pending’ forums and forum topics still appear in the activity stream. Is there a way to do a filter so that only ‘published’ forums and topics appear in the activity stream?

    I’m using a custom activity stream:

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    Can anyone help me?

    I’m trying to filter the activity stream so that it only displays ‘published’ forum topics and replies.

    I’m using bbPressModeration, which marks all forum topics and posts as ‘pending’, until the administrator approves and publishes the content. The problem is that pending content still appears in the activity stream.

    I’m using the code below for my custom activity stream.


    /* = Generate Custom Activity Stream

    * Place this function anywhere you want to show your custom stream.
    * Should accept any of these parameters:


    /* = Custom Activity Stream

    * Place this function in bp-custom.php (in your plugins directory)
    function my_activity_stream($args ) {

    if ( bp_has_activities($args) ) : ?>

      <li class="” id=”activity-“>

      <a href="”>

    <?php endif;



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    Paul Gibbs


    This looks like a bbPress bug. Please report the bug to, using your username and password that you used to log into this site with.

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    Thanks Paul,

    I’ve just created a new trac ticket. If anyone else is having the same problems and want to follow up on it, the trac ticket is here:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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