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How to make my BuddyPress widgets only show on specific pages?

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    I have a site where I am wanting my BuddyPress widgets to show only on the pages that I choose. I have tried using Widget Logic Visual but whenever I select which page I want the widget to be on, it doesn’t show up there. But when I don’t assign it to a specific page, then it shows up on all pages of my site. I am not wanting to show those widgets on all pages. So then I downloaded Dynamic Widgets plugin and tried that. This one did let it show on the pages that I wanted it to but it also shows on the rest of the site too.

    So my question is “How do I get my BuddyPress widgets such as (Members widget) to only show up on the pages that I choose such as (Activity page) and not show up on my whole website?”

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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