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How to restrict a specific WordPress user role to be a member & participant in Buddypress?

  • Howdy,

    How can I restrict a WordPress user with role = X to be a member/participant in Buddypress?

    My objective is that certain member roles do not have a Buddypress profile and do hence not show in the Buddypress member list. These roles could still sign in, and for example access pages and posts restricted to logged in users, but they would not be able to participate in Buddypress (create a group, write in forum, etc.). They could only read Buddypress content and edit their profiles, which are not visible by others.

    * User role = Editor does not get a Buddypress profile, and Editors can therefore not participate in Buddypress Groups, Forums, leave comments, etc. S/he must upgrade to…
    * User role = Member has a Buddypress profile and can participate in Buddypress activities

    Can this be done? If yes, how?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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