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I am looking for buddypress experts to add woocommerce on my site

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    I am looking for buddypress expert to add woocommerce on my site and integrate it with my existing theme. Also, this work will add new users to the site, those will not use social networking features but will be only selling their stuff to registered users.
    So, I will be needing separate dashboard for them to track there sales in form of graphs, charts etc but they will use woocommerce backend to add their products. Also, site admin will be able to add additional service to be sold on the top of what is being sold by these users.

    Secondly, I want my site to be upgreded to new version of Buddypress so I would be needing hand in that transition as well, to make theme and extra features to work with new version or create new theme (in worst case if needed).

    Anybody interested in this work please PM me.


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