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I set a default theme for new blogs and when GroupBlog creates the external blog it doesn´t assign a

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    Donald McIntyre


    Hello everybody!

    Regarding the GroupBlog Plugin I have this problem:

    When a member creates a GROUP he has the option of having a group forum and 2 group BLOGS right?

    Everything is fine. When user chooses to create BLOG for the group it creates the 2 blogs one internal for the group slug type and one external group blog slug type

    My main concern is that the Default Theme Plugin (of WPMU DEV) doesn´t recognize this external new blog and it doesn´t create a default theme for it. At WPMU DEV told me its a GroupBlog Plugin problem.

    Also when you go to the general blogs directory all the external group blogs show there!! And assigned to the groups creator. But as there is no default theme assigned to this external blog when it´s created, when user clicks on it from the general directory it takes you to a blank page!!! HELP SOLVING THIS PLEASE!

    Thank you!


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