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I’m ignorant and i need help :) ( Post related )

  • Hi! I might be stupid but i dont know anything about php programming… actually i dont even know is this related to that :) But i appreciate any help!

    Any way: How can i get post’s into my buddypress home and members theme index like it is in wp default -theme index? You know topic, comments etc.

    Thanks for in advance :)

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    John James Jacoby


    Are you saying that you want the first page when viewing both areas to be the users individual blog? If so, I’m not sure you really want that.

    Can you post up a URL to an example I can see?

    hmm… i’m not sure how to explain this. I only want to but post’s into left colum area in buddypress themes. Not user’s post only mine. You know, like those are in default template in wordpress.

    Now i can but widgets into left colum ( post’s and blog’s ) but if i do that theres no “comment” link.So i suppose that i have to modify widgets code?

    Now even im confused :D

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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