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Is BuddyPress a good alternative to Multisite? Maybe a Multisite Lite?

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    I am using Multisite now – it’s horrible. I need little sites off the main site, not multisites.

    My users don’t need to connect to each other. My users need a landing page (or a themeable profile that looks like a landing page) and a couple of categories to themselves with their own themes and links. Visitors need to be able to see what they have going on, but not join.

    I’m using multisite now and restricting just about every option, it’s cumbersome and overkill. My users need to be able to make a few posts here and there and be restricted to their own category.

    Will BuddyPress do that?

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    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    Firstly, to answer your question, no. The two things are complimentary.

    I need little sites off the main site, not multisites.

    That sentence contradicts itself, if you want a network of wordpress sites based on a single installation, then multisite exactly is what you need to do that.

    If, however, you are looking to give members of your site posting authority on your single site and you want to restrict what categories they can use then you don’t need either BP or multisite. You need to change the default user role and probably use a plugin like Restrict Caterogies:

    bare in mind, i’m not sure how easy it is to undo the multisite switch that you have already thrown. Probably, others here know more then i do when it comes to reversing course on a multisite switch but it’s not something i would even try.

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