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Is it possible to make a linked BP doc in a menu conditional on logged in?

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    Susan Braiden


    I am using the BuddyPress Infinity theme, and have added a couple of menu items to the top navigation menu. One is for docs, which is brilliant because it shows up as an option that I can simply link to conditionally when logged in.

    Where I ran into trouble is by extending a sub-menu from it, which links to specific docs. These, of course, are simply using the native WordPress link feature for menu options, and it does not appear to make their display conditional on login. I can neither find a way to hook this to the BuddyPress conditional status of the parent menu, nor discover how it might be possible to simply limit this from the base link feature. It allows you to type in a URL, but nothing more.

    This results in all of the sub-menu items showing up as separate parent menu options when not logged in. Not only does it create a crazy big menu mess, but it’s providing access to things that should not be accessible when a visitor is not logged in.

    Is it possible to create conditional links in the menu to anything other than what the BuddyPress checkboxes provide?

    Thanks a bunch for any assistance someone might be able to provide to help me troubleshoot this.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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