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Is it possible to use the activity page as a the homepage?

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    In my previous post I reported a problem I was having with logins for subordinate blogs being busted — apparently this is linked to something I did: Namely, to try to set the “Activity” page as the network’s homepage. When I did that, on any subordinate blog, looking at the front-end homepage showed the user as logged out (even though being logged in — e.g. could still post etc. via the backend).

    It seems to me the this might have something to do with the buddypress admin bar (which shows on the front end of subordinate blogs, whereas the local theme admin bar shows in the backend).

    Is it possible to use the activity as the homepage of a network (i.e. as “static page” in General Settings > Reading)?

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  • As of BP 1.5 onwards, any BuddyPress component should work when set as the home page.

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    Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading sub-menu link –> Static page –>Front page: Activity

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    Well, when I do that, my subordinate blog logins don’t work — oh, I forgot to mention I’m also using domain mapping (maybe that’s why?)

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    If you’re using a child theme of bp-default theme, you could instead create a blank home.php file then in it you only add one line:

    then upload home.php to your child theme’s folder in server

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