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Is there a way to create a form-driven template Doc that members can copy?

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    Susan Braiden


    I’ve been hitting quite a wall trying to solve a problem that perhaps someone else has already found a solution for. I have a moderate knowledge of WordPress and a basic working knowledge of BuddyPress/Commons In A Box. Let me share a bit about my installation, and what I’m trying to do:

    ENVIRONMENT: WordPress 3.9 with BuddyPress 2.0 using the cbox Infinity theme

    GOAL: To create a collaborative work space where members can contribute project ideas that anyone can view, copy and share.


    Each member will have a workbook to which they can add pages. Each page is devoted to a project idea. Pages should be based on a template containing 5 fields:

    1) Category (drop-down selection)
    2) Project Name (text field)
    3) Project Type (radio buttons)
    4) Project Description (text area)
    5) Field Notes (text area)

    • When a user adds a new page, they are given this form/template to enter the data into.
    • The page (data) is stored in their personal workbook.
    • They have the option of making this page (data) visible to and searchable by other members.


    Is there already a BuddyPress-compatible plug-in available that does this?

    If not, is it better to approach this by using:

    1) BuddyPress Docs?

    Already available, allowing each user can create and either make private or share. I don’t seem to be able to find a way of creating a template doc to make available by default in each user’s area.

    2) Pages?

    Should I be finding a way to create a template that perhaps leverages the “Advanced Custom Fields” plug-in and somehow making this available to users to copy in their own areas? I’ve installed ACF 4.3.7 and have set up a group of fields for a template, but am having a difficult time understanding how to apply it.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions that folks can offer to help steer me in the right direction here.


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