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Is this a plugin?

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    Im new to buddypress. And I only see a very brief installation guide which is “add plugin & install”..

    I have a wordpress site and i need to install buddypress on another folder or im hoping there’s just an option to just choose which page the buddypress would appear. Anyway i want my buddy press to appear something like:

    So, I need to install another wordpress in /buddypress_folder ?


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    Basically, Yes. Buddypress is plugin for an existing WordPress install. You can’t just install it by itself in a sub-folder. Also, Buddypress is not like a “blog posts” page that you can assign somewhere on your site. You can’t fit it into a couple pages. It’s an entire social networking platform. It will add groups, profiles, messaging, activity, and more to your site.

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    It installs like a plugin but will take over your site theme as you need to active the BP theme to get the functionality. If you want to use your own theme please read this.

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    If you install BP on your main domain, you’ll get by default for things like the members page.

    Poke around & see how it’s laid out.

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    ok thanks guys, I understand it now.

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