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Missing links and menus for members – can’t see anything about other members

  • I recently added buddypress to my WP blog. The only way I can see anything about other members is if I go to the Members Directory by manually going to /members/ (which I discovered by just snooping – there is no menu item that links to the member directory). There is a link ‘All members’ with a count of members, which is the count of all registers users on my blog, but the link just goes to the blog root URL. The search form in the members directory will only return a result for my username. I can get to other members’ profiles by using the Visit > Random Member in the admin bar, but that is the only way I’ve found to see anything about any other members. There’s something fundamentally wrong, but I don’t know where.

    I’m using the buddypress template pack with my blog theme.
    WP 2.9.2
    BP downloaded 7/5/10

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