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moved blog to different domain – avatars missing, profiles get wrong address

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    i just moved my main blog from my .com to my .tv address, the blog is id 1.

    now all the members profiles are using my .tv address, before it defaulted to the .com address, also most of the avatars stopped working even though the address is correct.

    should i swap the id’s of my main blog and the new blog 1 and 44, if so how should go about this??

    i also made blog 44 a community blog, so it shows the blog authors on the bar, i noticed that blog 1 never shows the authors so does that confirm that the issue is to do with the main blog (id 1) being the blog buddypress is ‘installed to’

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    you should copy the old blogs.dir dir in the new one, and check in your db every rows that contains link to them and change the link.

    you can do that with a query

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    sorry what i shouldve said was that im using the multi site manager, so i just moved the blog using the move blog tool in the dashboard, im not transfering it from one script or database to another

    what should the values be in the database

    my domains are < where the member profiles should be this used to be where blog id 1 resided

    however i moved that blog to my other domain, so now on i have another blog which is id 44,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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