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NEED a way to allow non-admins to edit activity stream-group-forum content. $25.00 for plugin/workin

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    I’ve been asking for some time now (about a year) and can’t seem to find any answer to this question (no, I can’t program this). Roles for BuddyPress was looked at in 1.2, pushed back to 1.3, and has been pushed back again to 1.4. What I need is a way for an “editor” level to be able to edit content already posted in any activity streams of the forums as well as DELETE something inappropriate for our board. I have to think somebody out that has figured this out and/or can figure out something quickly. I’d be willing to front $25.00 US for a working plugin for this.

    I would like it sooner than later, and MAYBE some others that NEED this can pledge MORE MONEY as well in addition to my $25.00.

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